ALBUM REVIEW: “The Prince I Became” – Ric Hassani

ALBUM REVIEW: “The Prince I Became” – Ric Hassani

Ric Hassani’s “The Prince I Became”, cuts across verse Afro cultural trademark and expansion, its exposure comes from a range of dynamic sonic aesthetics.


The Prince I Became”, is a strong replica and sign of his soon ruler-ship as king relative to the album title; he abruptly welcomes exotic deliveries of guest in house acts and African diaspora appearances with a fine appeal that blends in an American act who jointly remarks it a great representation of some kind of myriad cultural nativity alongside its rare relative uniqueness that dwells from diverse record production and x-rays a symbolic African resounding richness, and in between upholds Hassani’s prowess higher as it comes far away from his regular creations since his 2016 LP, “The African Gentleman”.

“I put out my first album four years ago. Since then, so much has happened in my life. These songs have been my peace, my joy, my anger, my therapy, my calm, my vex, my pain, my comfort, now it’s time for them to be yours. The Prince I Became Album, February 26th,  love you.”

Ric Hassani shared on Twitter, before the official release and he expresses the depths of the project in between.

Basically, it’s a situation in his life he tends to express from diverse emotions.

Hassani has never lost his creative sight which he beams through this project, He understands and retains his identity but with a more amplified taste for naked cultural love which defines and makes his creations savor and of a quite fascinating kind to behold.

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The special guest appearances on the album from its singers to mighty record producers substantially preserved the cultural taste within that sunk on African trademark, Sauti Sol (Kenya), Fumbani Changaya (Zambia), Kuami Eugene (Ghana), Zoro (Nigeria), Nicky Jam (America), and other astounding continental and off continent stars were introduced from verse genres to complete the relative essence that Hassani shares through the project.

The Prince I Became”, would not be overemphasized, because it simply shows how Ric Hassani takes hold of the love he has for culture to a high point where he desires his fans to place him, and his art in front for appraisal according to what they deserve.

This project is fascinating and it rides on a very strong meaning to make us recollect that Hassani is capable of growing beyond striking R&B and more of love and attached feeling creation on contemporary songs in between.

This project savors cultural expansion and catapults him on higher plains away from his default artistry even though it rides on love and other essences relative to his previous 2016, album.

Final Thoughts:

Ric Hassani is bold and he declares himself a Prince.

Probably the one he desires as he practically illuminates through this project that deeply holds and amplifies culture.

Well, this project is great enough because it brings out Afro cultural richness from its every dynamic sound but it failed to accompany a range of African beamers, acts like, Mr. EaziYemi AladeBurna Boy, or Wizkid who’ve deemed the light exceedingly from Africa and away from her diaspora and could relatively bold-en the strength of this project that seemed lacking to prevail better than it has.

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Well, “The Prince I Became” is quite fascinating because it creates a life of its own for culture to thrive but certain pillars not associated in its structure like I said five lines away, may fail in its great progressive leadership in no time; although the prince has few powers associated to his title and, Hassani might not be a king yet – This is the prince he just became, there’s more.

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