Fight Against EFCC Is A Must For All Our Mothers And Fathers To Fight With Us (MUST READ)

Fight Against EFCC Is A Must For All Our Mothers And Fathers To Fight With Us (READ)

Government should come out and tell us what they put in place for youths to have a good living.


Most G boys are graduates with no jobs so what does the foolish government of this country want us to do. Remember we were sent to school with money for the purpose of having a good future. Which good future can be made without money? Which future did you create for the youths? Which working atmosphere did you create for people to see yahoo as a bad thing? You made everything in the country miserable and want us to feed on grass like animals never that will not happen. This is a country where illiterate Thugs and Hoodlums are far comfortable than graduates who invest in themselves. This is a country where Hoodlums/ Thugs are being celebrated while graduates are their gate men. This is a country where an ethnic group with O level is favored than another ethnic group with Masters degree.
Please EFCC how many homes filled with money have you visited? Meanwhile someone does not have money to feed the next hour. Try to go back and know your purpose. The major purpose of EFCC is to run after people with unaccountable money, money laundering etc yahoo is a secondary. Get your primary assignments done first before the secondary.

Fighting against Yahoo is not the next in this generation rather fight against the government who made life miserable 😭 😭 create a working system for the youths because the number of people scamming right now is lesser than the number of people coming to scam in a year time and it will increase gradually.

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Our Government is our role models they’re all Yahoo and we do what they do.

Another question for EFCC, with all what you have been collecting from Yahoo guys, which of it did you return back to whosoever it came from, hmm I guess all was claimed by the government. It’s just like Yahoo guys are just like equipment for you people because you all make use of all what you collected from them.

If EFCC can go for our leaders stealing from us and provide a good atmosphere for the youth of this country then we’re ready to change if not aaaaaaaa I go Yahoo for life I swear.

Yahoo… forever we shall cash out

Pass this across for people to share. If you don’t do you will never cash out again!

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