Forget Naira Marley First, Erigga Is A Major Bad Influence His Street Music Entangles

Forget Naira Marley First, Erigga Is A Major Bad Influence His Street Music Entangles

Erigga’s music is unapologetic street music that entangles. The outcome of this entanglement after soaking your ears and mind to his music could be more harm than good.


Because street music mostly beams more negative influence on indecisive listeners; then I think it should be restricted to persons below age 18, at least only to those adults who could be easily hooked by the law or crime watch-dogs when they turn out culprits, probably because they’ve been fazed and strongly entangled by the music which goes down there axle with ripple influences and manifests through their behavior on occasions.

“Music is powerful. As people listen to it, they can be affected. They respond.” – Ray Charles.

Erigga raps and sings alongside Zlatan on their song titled, Two Criminals, off Erigga’s fourth studio album titled, “The Enigma II”.

And it represented a blunt expression of hidden criminality done behind shadows probably because they’ve been covered by being national celebrities

They are musicians and it doesn’t matter? “Wo! I be badman original/If no be money matter biko don’t call my cellular/Na who popo(police) catch na him be criminal/We be V.I.P (celebrities) for this town/na you be regular”  Zlatan his partner, opens the “Two Criminal” and sang, they both enjoyed together surfing great deliveries and continued lacing their quota of influence and passed their message in between the record. “Two Criminals”, depicts crime, lavishness, and hedonism.

Erigga’s music should be restricted to certain listeners only. His continuous usage of slang in his music is one of the notable calls he entangles with, as it tastes syrupy in his music with his voice that mostly sounds like one who’s high on drugs that he is fondly addicted to.

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Erigga’s music is mostly confined to the streets, thug lifestyle, women, drugs, and criminality.

The dialect he sings and mostly raps with is usually pidgin and it is what anyone, mostly Africans can relate with and face their quota of his strong lacing influence.

First, he sings about digging his woman and her close friends in a hotel room he was booked for a show to perform his naughty street songs that come with an infinite usage of slang.

Well, he has been behind bars earlier before picking up a music career and he must have experienced a lot, in there.

“Music is your own experience, your thoughts, your wisdom. If you don’t live it, it won’t come out of your horn” – Charlie Parker

So then, rapping about digging his girl and her friends could be the very first verse of his song and so he cuts it up, jumps in for a second verse after a chorus where he slides into the lives of his Yahoo-Yahoo friends (Enormous Fraudsters and Cyber-criminals).

He sings aloud how they lavish money in the clubs with multiple women, buy expensive drinks and make their fraudulent living susceptible by crime watch-dogs.

Mind you, he uses thick slangs as well and then he bids them fare-well on the chorus by indirectly advising them to spend their money wisely, probably to invest in the music or something to cover their crimes, and in between he is creating some sort of pressure to make youths join the train to source quick money and seriously they become entangled in between.

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Erigga has been through a lot in the streets, and he claims to motivate with his music and it is always the other way around, he calls it “Street Motivation” and indirectly he is sowing thoughts in youth’s mind to taste the vanity and it’s not obvious until you look in between his lyrics that can easily limit ones access in the society.

I bet you can’t write any formal letter to an organization seeking a job with Erigga’s slang or with his core pidgin music either.

You see, young people say these slangs often and it’s gradually living in them and it’s an entanglement.

It’s a seriously bad influence.

A week ago, I was at Port-Harcourt mall (SPAR) to get groceries and at the paying point I came across three young adult teenagers, well dressed and looking fly exchanging this dialect with each other, I simply wonder and I could still relate to who their influencer could be because I’ve listened to his music: “Erigga”.

I’m matured, and I feel it’s not for everyone to receive, not even half. It’s very influential.

One said, “Oboy day break everywhere burst! That my Babe kpekus red last night”, in public, and I’m shocked.

My mind flashed towards Erigga’s 2019 record, “Home Breaker”.

And from the very start of their conversation that continued and I wrote this.

I weighed this and realized Naira Marley has a quite limit of influence on his Marlian demography.

Well, he is big, but he could be a bit restricted with his influence as He mostly sings and raps in Yoruba language and it’s quite a popular dialect but it’s limiting because not everyone might connect to the Yoruba lyrics completely, and get entangled.

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His booming fans are either connected to his few spoken pidgin languages on his songs and mostly dance to his music probably with women in clubs, smoking blunts while the women could easily expose naked parts of their bodies and it all ends reasonably after the digging and fun.

Meanwhile, Erigga sings in pure pidgin.

He connects to everyone deeply, even a five-year-old kid who sits to receive his quota of influence when he is not restrained by his guardian to listen to such music.

Well, he probably understands at his level and he/she could get it twisted and get entangled along the line.

The music doesn’t move you towards dancing in reckless abandon, but it lectures your thoughts in smooth pidgin and sows in your heart a variety of slang, drug messages, stories of cultism, and nuisance altogether. Smoking blunts of many kinds, womanizing excessively and drinking. What else, it’s Motivation”.

Well, music influences, it sets you in a place of thoughts and leaves you to make choices and there’s a lot in there with Erigga’s kind of music.

His story’s a lot in the music, make you thoughts to imagine and could want to try, perhaps when you are that indecisive.

And, I feel his music should be restricted. It’s a trap for our future generation & it’s not for the person below 18.

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