Here Is Why Men Should Eat Fresh Tomatoes Often

Fresh Tomatoes

The need to create certain awareness about human health is very important. This way, many illnesses can be avoided by taking the right precautionary measures.


This article simply discusses the need for men to eat fresh tomatoes often. This may sound weird but it is really something that most men should know about.

This is because, men are at a very much risk of suffering a particular kind of disease known as prostrate cancer. You may have heard about this disease. It is a a kind of disease that attacks the prostrate glands in men and it mostly affects men who are above the age of 50 and above.

Prostrate glands help in the secretion of seminal fluids in men but living an unhealthy lifestyle can lead to the damage of these glands.

Men are required to take preventive measures in order to keep the prostrate glands healthy at all times, and one of such measures is eating fresh tomatoes often. A study has this to say:

Well, the reason why fresh tomato is recommended is because, they have a very powerful antioxidant known as lycopene which helps to reduce the rate which malignant cells form in the body especially on the prostrate glands of men.

Eating fresh tomatoes often have been discovered in some good studies to help prevent this disease. However, other fruits like water melon, orange, grape and guava are also recommended to prevent this disease.

Men are also advised to make vegetables their daily diets too in order to stay healthy. However, some of the unhealthy lifestyle that can cause this disease include having too much alcohol, smoking, eating lots of fried foods and others.

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So, men are encouraged to do the right thing by including fresh tomatoes as their daily diet. I hope this article helps you.

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