Peter Okoye Brags About Making More Money

Peter Okoye Brags About Making More Money

Veteran Nigerian singer, Peter Okoye has bragged about making more money as a singer.


Popularly known as Mr P, the singer revealed that he’s been making more money as a solo artists after the splitting of the very famous Psquare group.

He had recently dropped of his debut album “The Prodigal” as a solo artist which shot to critical acclaim as he featured a host of other stars.

He said it’s not greed or being selfish and that he shares it with nobody, while happy being alone and doing his own thing.

He revealed this during an interview with HipTV that his earning are now larger and no more splitting it in three ways.

Mr P has obviously proved critics wrong who claimed he was a better dancer in the defunct Psquare group as his album made the point clear that he was a great singer as well.

In his exact words.

“Hundred percent, I am. I don’t have to share three ways. Call it greed or selfishness. It’s your own cup of tea. I share with nobody. Yes, my management and my team. Fine. But I’m doing my own thing. I’m freer.

I’m making more money. Freedom is key. I can get a call that there’s a show next week and it’s my daughter’s birthday. I can say, ‘cancel it’. As a group, I couldn’t do that. Moneywise, if I used to share three ways, I share alone.

What am I doing music for? It’s about doing it how I feel it. It’s not even about the money. But when it comes to that, I make more than I was while in the group,”

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