REVIEW: Mr Eazi’s “Something Else EP” Hovers In Love & Sonic Experiment

REVIEW: Mr Eazi’s “Something Else EP” Hovers In Love & Sonic Experiment

“Something Else EP” is lit, a five cohesive song transmitted through a passage of diverse sonic gliding in between the unhidden, sturdy part of Eazi’s life that crowns him up as “Don” from the start; He is particularly having fun, lavishing and making funds with his real gee’s, He isn’t the busy body nigga that loud too much; so he ends up stacking figures as he quietly creates thrilling moments from falling on the arms of his love as he possesses the finest things for his woman in a place in Arab, Saudi Arabia, respectively.


He established a very distinctive chorusing on the fourth sweet song that earned my favorite track in the project, “Saudi Arabia”, was the track where Eazi opens up thick fun in between the closure of the project before the last song that emerged titled, “E Be Mad”.

He sings, “I go cherish you, I go treasure you/Everyday I go pamper you/Likey gold and silver wey I find/Likey gold and silver wey I find, oh/For Saudi Arabia/Saudi Arabia, oh-oh/For Saudi Arabia/Saudi Arabia, oh-oh (Chai)”

Well, Mr. Eazi’s most recent offering seemed to be interconnected with his previous extended play in 2020, titled, “One day You Will Understand”, which overly reels on love and sweet caressing.

Something Else EP” wasn’t ever a strained subject in between, as Eazi designed himself a very pragmatic success that weighs in the sunk of his boldly written international recognition and has kept his game atop.

He couched, relaxing in his art, and made a strong collabo in the same year with the well known Colombian singer, J. Balvin and, apart from his latter single songs which equally flares that his amazing as we saw him through a bright new light shining alongside the previous project down to this creation were he paced at almost the same aptitude in return, creating a new solid project that sits next to the latter, stocking every song up with his random co-tangential delivery which leans on each song deep and stayed without lacking his sauce that doesn’t refute his concurrent melodic deuce altogether in – “Something Else EP.”

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In the five songs for this EP, only a few tracks scored it in for a hit and scaled through to my best lovely record remark; from the total song-writing I’d call wet and catchy, well, describing it as “hot” would do best for a word description telling just how powerful his lyrical sauce and essence blending with sonic synth makes me feel heavenly bliss and makes the project way too wonderful from the compilation altogether that blooms from very beautiful Afro-beat structural cuts, highlife suction with major Pop in between solidly waving across the very exceptional dance-hall rhythm and, their wholly associated synths underneath abruptly defining Eazi’s bold-en sonic experimenting and his sturdy cohesion in creating the project.

Something Else”, was actually total experimenting from the wheels of fascinating sounds on each record at a different pace.

The opener track, “The Don”, was a highly pragmatic show-off, that definitely represents an outstanding opener.

Eazi sings great and sturdily, “Man’a the don and I pay my price/I’m living like I’m in paradise/All of the girl say me sweet and nice/Oya sun gibala make I throw tonight.”

He sings very deeply, while I was hoping to experience the next track that could either correlate from the same sonic creation or probably lay a next-door lyrical structure as, “Love For You”, the second track sprawled into another unique sonic sediment that fermented strongly.

The sonic properties of this project brawls with deliberate experimenting that seemed a-bit cohesive; although, the second track was a good song in between that could have been released as a single, because it slightly went off the line and on this extended play, it almost loosed the perfect cohesion in the backdrop.

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Although, taking us through various sonic phases in these five tracks was really a wonderful XP.

Cherry”, was apt and the connection it had with the female Kenyan singer, Xenia Manasseh, was quite amazing as both acts took the project into an outstanding apex – chemistry wasn’t lacking behind and to some extent falling flat – it’s quite beautiful though. Nice!

Saudi Arabia”, the second to the last song held unto distinct dance-hall rhythm and a heavy duty Afro structural essence underneath that fuels the project with apt energy to shove listeners body to dance recklessly and abandon while enjoying the melodic synth and it strongly built polarizing nature drives forward, continuously.

Well, to me, the real beauty of this project lied plainly on this track that lasted for few minutes of the time in, 1mins 59secs; while the project literally introduced the last sweet song, titled, “E Be Mad”; that journeyed safe and strong in-between lives that procreates softly from highlife piano, melody and drawing inspiration from the depths of melodic-chords as it’s sturdily certified viscosity ends the experiment of sonic that housed part of the best African record producers including, Kel PKiller-tunesJuls and other genius that forms the record, producing with Afro beats suction.

Final Thoughts

Mr Eazi is morphed into a “Don”.

With his priority in the business of seeing young African stars thrive and in between is his “emPAWA Africa” business that watches after, incubates, and makes deals with stars from Nigeria and beyond.

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He has established an international recognition, hovering from his African symbolism and his Afro star power that has ranked and aligned on his way noble.

Something Else EP”, apart from being a channel of a sonic experiment, would also stand the chance of sprouting Eazi into deeper cultural spaces with his gigantic coat that sized Afro-beats in all the chemical sublimation fermenting from Afro-beat, and cutting across highlife, African pop, and dance-hall rhythm schemes would entirely pave his path to go deeper and make more diaspora acts – to say hello to the Don, from Africa!

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