“UY Scuti” Interpolates With A Special Dedication To Women, Which Completes The Shape Of Olamide’s Music

“UY Scuti” Interpolates With A Special Dedication To Women, Which Completes The Shape Of Olamide’s Music

UY Scuti is the pop album that forms the whole interpolation of Olamide’s music, his thoughts formed together which draws from his locally made street gingering songs through rap infused pop, street hip-hop, and now he extends reach into making few love pop ballads that sturdily connotes a mild emotional balance together with genuine loving experience which makes this great deal of songs from the album.


On this project, He waxes strong from every record in a way to relax his core street demography, never minding his capability to knit such beautiful local-based love songs which show his growth and natural balance to make pop music as well as experimenting with mild reggae dub, in between afro-beats.

He has grown to fully express a great emotion from this album which doesn’t deny the fact that he is still the king of the street and mind you, UY Scuti gives his musical background an edge that seeks a certain proof of completion in his music career and showing how deeply emotional he can be to contain the whole essence of loving and emotional transpiration which passes through this constructive album.

And though, the fact that he entirely describes just love apart from a few track that stood out and followed a different path in between the runtime.

Olamide, before getting to this point of materializing such a powerful love and emotional ideology attached to his career for this perpetual album which seeks to paint him as a lover boy and a believer in God who kindles his passion towards making good music, making money hustle, and having to love the nicest girls is what UY Scuti seeks without lacking hedonistic and vanity effect.

The album opener, “Need For Speed” was a mild tempo sound that leaves a classic experience which speaks his myriad thoughts through the 28mins runtime of UY Scuti, before ushering us his sol interest to express his love and emotion without caution after the opener that painted a different image of Olamide’s thoughts poised directly to usher us the Scuti which has strong ties with the nicest and most sexy pretty ladies.

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I noticed a certain kind of perfection in his choice of collaboration which paves him a path into the success of the album.

Jailer” was the second track that leads a trip to erotic love and feeling.

He featured Jaywillz, who took the chorus to the desired height alongside his soothing vocal experience that came out victorious with the record to magnify the love that Jails Olamide’s life, it ties him down unto a stable of entire hedonism and affection.

Rock” has existed before the official album release and it has been enjoyed by Olamide’s fan in a great measure as it left us with the scope of UY Scuti and has always remained any hedonistic pursuit meant for groove as it becomes realistic and is defined on the dance floor; it is defined by being perfectly normal and complete having great fun at any intensity with the opposite s3x, probably dancing and romancing, that is rock, and it becomes abnormally done and yields disgust when both parties become same-s3x as Rock is meant for a he and a she which becomes the exact place Olamide’s “Rock” comes from to lend you a share of fun, the Lamba in between as well as the vanity it lends you, closely.

UY Scuti carries the Lamba effect with it in between the grappling sonic experience that broadens up to share you a mixture of vanity and hedonism, alongside Lamba in a bit shared from Rock.

Julie” is a special song that you should use in the replacement for the one you love, probably, to sustain your both love gearing towards a great interest.

The xylophonic sound makes the beauty of Julie expand fully to grapple as “Rock” does but this time it lacked the Lamba effect to keep you from shaking and whining but listening and trying to initiate and share the same feeling that might deduce you to your lover.

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Julie is for a special somebody and that could be your woman in replacement only if you wish. “Rough Up” featured Layydeo who carried the same vocal experience as Omamumi would do.

It should’ve been better if Olamide had Omawumi rather than her replica who did properly but wasn’t truly enough; and though it was majorly kindling Oma’s nature at the beginning while Layydoe almost ended like one of Cynthia Morgan’s dancehall tang.

The song was so perfect for the sake of several interpolating sounds that waves between easy going synths, Jamaican patios culture in between mild dancehall rhythm, and a pop sonic experience that makes it a fuller expression as it was based on love and the hedonistic essence as well as every other record apart from the first track that carried many differences with it.

The sequencing of UY Scuti is magical, and nothing was missing as it carried that perfect casing of what a victorious album should take with.

“Want” and “PonPon” featuring Fave took the right shape together on this album as nothing went missing anywhere from the same trajectory of perfect sequencing while his choice of collaboration was chic in its cause alone; the essence of these both records are strongly correlated as loving, caring, s3x and hedonism which wasn’t ever far-fetched.

Cup Of Tea” reminds me of the positioning Rock carries through the same love interest Olamide has for his woman as he reminds her he is cocky and it seemed nothing changed about his expressions but only to confirm that he made this project to interpolate us with a range of his strong emotional cause in between that still retains his position as the king of the street.

He is the king that doesn’t ever misplace it no matter how far or how hard he loves a woman.

“Somebody” featured Phyno who drove with the perfectness of the track they use to express how they both cherish their woman and are ready to buy her everything she desires as they offer to love somebody [their woman] promising to do everything for her.

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This track is a very exceptional feature on this album and it should be an outstanding hit after “Rock” and “Julie” that also stands on the same thin line as it does while the chemistry they share can never be over-emphasized as the end of the album comes in a very unique shape that sounds like reggae interpolating Olamide’s concern to the woman-hood, he sheds his heart and love to the woman he loves and the album simply became a description that sounded like that of dedication for the entire women in between, and it was good.

Final Thoughts

Olamide’s UY Scuti seems like a dedication made for women in their folds apart from other variety of thoughts that he laid through the entire project.

He permeates this album with his experiences like the first track that had an x-ray of a myriad collection of thoughts, even how he drove speedily on Lagos traffic to catch up with his hustle and grinding to the top.

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Olamide sees a bigger picture ahead of the music he has been creating ever since and the opener track unveils the unquenchable fire he has in him to keep moving on to the top, and at the end of the album with “So Much More” which seems to console his woman as he tells her she’s so much more; offering his entire interest to make more of such music and so he leaves the project with something like a dedication that binds in between yet, seeks for so much more. >> Download/Stream Olamide’s UY Scuti here!

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